22+ Amazing Living room designs with fireplace and tv furniture arrangement

You can put it over the chimney on the off chance that you don’t have a raised hearth – else it can get too high for happy with review (except if you have a short chimney and mantle set up). We had this in our last house with arbitrary seating separations and it was in every case fine – no cricked necks by any means!

We generally put our television over the chimney since we regularly jump at the chance to appreciate both in the meantime. Some put the television to the side of the chimney in an inherent unit, which is another choice.

A few people detest having the television on the chimney. I don’t. When I see it in magazines it doesn’t trouble me. What’s more, I know several people who have instruments to conceal the television over the chimney and they never under any circumstance utilize it. Be that as it may, to every hello there claim! 😉