54+ Worth it Holiday nail art christmas candy canes

Tis the season to deck the nails! By and by, Rach welcomed me to do a few instructional exercises for Cheeky Hong Kong, this time some nail workmanship structures for Christmas. On the off chance that you need to see the entire kaboodle, they’re posted together under DIY Christmas Manis, yet I will take them each one in turn here, beginning with some fun and straightforward treat sticks.

Sweet treat nails are anything but difficult to do in the event that you have a nail workmanship striper clean, or you could likewise do them with a thin craftsmanship brush and either clean or acrylic paints. For mine, I utilized Revlon Fire red and my Orly striper clean in Fresh White.

Begin with your base coat of course, at that point paint your nails a splendid red. At the point when that is dry, utilize your striper to paint two askew lines over the center of your nail.

Next, return and fill in the space between the stripes to make one thick one, at that point include two all the more thin lines, above and underneath, a short separation away.